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Ron Stephens

Ron Stephens Fine Art

Irving, TX


Ron retired from a 33 year career in advertising in 2005 and began thinking about a retirement career. He began painting in watercolor in May 2006 after reading many books and taking a weekly watercolor course from Tom Wellman, President of SWS at that time, at the Irving Heritage Center. Since then, he has taken workshops from Nita Leland, Carl Dalio, Naomi Brotherton, Arne Westerman, Mark Mehaffey, Ratrindra Das, Jane Jones, Skip Lawrence, Leslie Frontz, Maureen Brouillette, and Andy Evansen.

Ron is Publicity Chairman of the Southwestern Watercolor Society. Ron also teaches a once weekly Watercolor class at the Irving Heritage Center.

Ron likes to experiment and has been delving into acrylic abstract. Its quality of texture and opaqueness adds another dimension not found in straight watercolor. He prefers to gesso watercolor paper for texture before applying watercolor, acrylic, watercolor crayon, charcoal for a mixed media piece. It allows him to also play with different ways of applying the paint. That freedom creates a myriad of shapes, patterns and values that are different and exciting. He feels that there are still many areas that need to be explored to stay creative.

Ron is an avid plein air painter. He got started with past president Tom Wellman in 2007 that introduced Ron to plein air. Ron tries to attend every SWS Paint Out he can and enjoys the challenge of painting on site and dealing with the conditions to achieve the best painting possible.

My inspiration comes from nature and the endless variety of its textures, shapes, values and colors. From the most complex to simple scenes, anything is possible as subject matter for a painting. I like the complexity of architecture and how it relates to its natural surroundings. I am still fascinated with the amazing qualities of straight watercolor. The feeling of the brush on paper and seeing colors mix with other colors. The excitement of the outcome is exhilarating.


Beale Street Visual Overload by Ron Stephens


Beale Street Blues Hall by Ron Stephens


Snorkel Girls by Ron Stephens


Dreamscape 1 by Ron Stephens


Rain Over the Mountain by Ron Stephens


Across the Tracks by Ron Stephens


Out There by Ron Stephens


Waiting to Cross by Ron Stephens


West End Arch at Ross by Ron Stephens


Terra Verde by Ron Stephens


Fire and Ice by Ron Stephens


Fantasy by Ron Stephens


Mothership by Ron Stephens


Eureka Springs AK 7 by Ron Stephens


Eureka Springs AK 2 by Ron Stephens


Eureka Springs AK 3 by Ron Stephens


Momma Longhorn and Calf by Ron Stephens


Eureka Springs AK 4 by Ron Stephens


Trolley Maintenance by Ron Stephens


The Stone Texaco by Ron Stephens


The Art Festival by Ron Stephens


Sittin' and Rockin' X 2 by Ron Stephens


Siena Italy by Ron Stephens


Pike Place Market by Ron Stephens


Mineola TX Street Fair by Ron Stephens


The House of Many Angles by Ron Stephens


House on the Hill by Ron Stephens


Field of Red Flowers by Ron Stephens


Antiques and Other Junque by Ron Stephens


Herd of Horns by Ron Stephens


Old Bearded One by Ron Stephens


At Home on the Range by Ron Stephens


5 O'Clock on Pecan St. by Ron Stephens


Come Sit a Spell by Ron Stephens


Ole Rusty Green by Ron Stephens


Bass Harbor Light by Ron Stephens


Gone But Not Forgotten by Ron Stephens